Popular Classes of Blade and Soul in NA and EU

bladesoulgold Date: Apr/07/16 11:45:53 Views: 1587

One of the most famous MMOs developed by NCsoft, Blade & Soul is welcomed by many players. You should choose a proper race before you start to play the game. And once your race has an aesthetic impact upon your character in Blade and Soul, your class would take you a really entire experience with the game, you can equip through to the abilities and combos you unlock through the weapons. In the article below, I will mainly talk about the most popular class in NA and EU.




First, Destroyers. They can face tank a lot of stuff if they just use their defensive spin, anicancel a few times and def - spin before the next attack comes in. Pretty sure that's how they do okay in SSP at least. 




Second, Assassins. Although they haven't a good time in SSP of blade and soul, they can bring tons of damage for single target. It is popular for players in PVP. While stealth is very strong as solo class for PVE. 




Third, Kung Fu master and Blade Master. If you want huge AOE the terror like enemies do, you should not choose them. BMs have their 5 sec invulnerability thing but lower damage than KFM, KFMs need to iframe everything separate iirc, so it's a challenge to just all in all get credit and they get punished way harder in case there's lag.


My own thought, I'm an FM and I'm basically always in melee range so the boss doesn't run away from melee, using my iframes and my freezes because I have aggro when I'm not with my clan. I didn't make a ranged because of not worrying about this mechanic or standing in one place, I made it because I enjoy it - even if it were reversed and it was melee who had the easier time. 


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