Reasons for Giving Blade & Soul a Try

bladesoulgold Date: Dec/09/15 15:38:14 Views: 1097


Some people Comments:


ddthorn: it would be great if you could make a walk through guide for beginners. about what to farm for weapons and where Is the right time to get rid of the starter weapon


364 Tomorrows: I'm coming from the dark souls pvp community. Will I enjoy it as well :v?


Hiroko Takashiro: I already know i love this game since i've been playing the CN version for awhile now,gonna be hard giving up my lvl 50s and starting from scratch. I really hope they don't change anything at the last sec, i already had an issue with the change from kun to yun.


Killbunny: How's this game combat system in pve compared to TERA? 

The main thing why TERA caught me is by using wisely the iframes/dashes you can almost be immortal at any BNS power leveling.


Gabriel Vasconcelos: Already know that I won't win anything, but let's try at least. Btw nice video and I'll definitely try it when it launches.


Onknow: I love the idea that they are releasing it as it is as a base game and not with all the patches put together. What a smart way to get more value of the stuff they did and also benefit their customers as we get it sooner and probly more polished. I didnt realize this until u mentioned it. Nice


xdragyxx : Hi, thanks for the giveaway and the information, i hope that if i win or even if a not, i will play the game,since those videos are awesome.


Daihu Covei: The dream is coming true and it's realizing itself in Jan 19th :D

I waited for so long (since it was announced in Korea), and gave up at one point after no news for Western servers.


Tran: I started playing during the close beta 3. I must say, oh man, this game is so badass! I can't wait until the next beta event so I can continue my adventure and get better at dueling! It is true that this game is skill based, so challenging!