Several Guides for The Blade And Soul Players

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The Blade and Soul, like many other mmo games, players need to keep moving, targeting an enemy and using the proper skills in a limited time. So some notices that you should pay attention about the game is necessary for all Blade and Soul players. The following may help you a lot during your game playing:


About the Combat

To combat in Blade and Soul, you need to react like a martial artist. Keep in mind, you should make sure the skill bar in the bottom of the screen carefully, it will change with your position. If you are blocking an enemy attack, a skill set in the action bar will be about how to counter attack it. If you are knocked, skills will be back to the battle. Everything is decided in a few seconds. To quickly is a good martial artist responded. Remember that your objections martial artist can do the same to you. Prepare for their counterattack, when you attack them.


About the Soul Shield

Blade and Soul is different from other mmo games, armor is not an important factor to increasing players' defense. Soul shield have more effect on players' defense. Soul shield is made up with 8 individual pieces. Everyone represent an attribute, such as defense, accuracy and so on. They also provide additional bonus when you wear 3,5 and 8 parts at the same time. You needn't collect all of 8 pieces. 


About the Traveling

About traveling in Blade and Soul, I will talk about windwalking and dragon pulse. Windwalking may be called "qionggong" In blade and soul, to activating windwalking can be done mainly in 2 ways: double-tapping the "W" key or holding "SHIFT" while running with an increase in moving speed. Remember that windwalking requires a great amount of concentration, and this makes it impossible for a martial artist to perform it during a fight. In addition, move to a greater distance with the help of a natural yellow energy lying all over the Earth Realm called Dragon Pulse. It will take martial artists to a specific locations, both vertically and horizontally, after activating it. 


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