Stay Alert to the Thrasher

bladesoulgold Date: Mar/15/16 11:36:48 Views: 976



When Thrasher goes on the ceiling, what should we do? Many players have been caught in such problem. Here is an example I ever heard: one player said that he just pick up a spear gun and run around shooting it until it falls, then running into the water and cruit like mad. But when it aggressed on him, he has no idea what had happened but die with doubt.


Then you may wonder why. Well the answer is when you pick up a gun and shoot at him. He will shoot 4 projectiles, one for each party member twice, so 2 waves of 4 projectiles. Egg smoke can block those projectiles but not the blobs.The poison blobs will be targeted to the person with the highest aggro, so if you are the target steer clear of the eggs and make sure you end up close to one after the 4th blob lands so that you can be protected from the projectiles.


If you still didn't shoot enough. Apart from that it doesn't change anything. He will still do his roar and then attack your party. That would be the answer about what to do when thrasher goes on the ceiling. 


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