Taking a Look at Blade & Soul's Upcoming Warlock Class

bladesoulgold Date: Feb/24/16 05:04:35 Views: 1282

How the Warlock will come to North American Blade & Soul is still a mystery, until at least next week during the Warlock Class Week where they'll explain the class itself. There are probably going to be some changes to how it plays in the foreign version of Blade & Soul, but we do know quite a bit about the class as is.


Warlocks operate as a hybrid between Force Master / Summoner. Much like the Summoner, they do have their own familiar, but their skill build focuses way less on the familiar than the Summoner does, as it's mostly to do physical damage / distract enemies and build "Demon Orbs" or whatever they will be called in translation. Demon Orbs, of course, being their unique resource that is consumed to deal damage.


You can honestly make a strong comparison to the World of Warcraft Warlock class, as their abilities mostly focus on direct damage, lots of crits, and healing themselves while they attack. Additionally, like WoW Warlocks can, they can mark their targets which alter the abilities for them and their familiar.


Race bound to Jin and Lyn, they do offer an alternative to the Lyn for a pet class. Their primary weapon is the dagger, but their spell casting animation use Taoist like seals and their spell animations focus on the spell "tags" or "seals" in various fun ways. In watching some YouTube videos of their playstyle I find the animations to be really cool honestly. Anyone who likes something like 12 Kingdoms would probably really love the class.



Of course, this is all subject to change a ton in the coming days. We're not sure how they'll be brought over to North America, but the basics should be there: familiar, crit based DPS, and cool spellcasting animations. I'm sure a lot will be changed in translation, but we'll just have to wait until next week to find out those details.


For some interesting trivia, the class was released in the KR version of the client back in December of 2014. So the class should, hopefully, have a good year of iteration on it before we get our hands on this demon summoning dagger wielding seal throwing class.


If you're wondering how many other classes we don't have in the North American version yet, there is just one more that isn't in the game: The Soul Fighter. It'll probably be awhile before we see it, but it's basically a hybrid spellcaster / melee based class whereas the Warlock is sort of a hybrid summoner / spellcaster.


The update that includes the Warlock will also include the final level of Mushin's Tower (the first part anyway), and lots of additional updates. We'll be covering these updates as we move into next week and hopefully get more details. One of the interesting things about BnS is that it's been out for a while, so the content we get now should be iterated on well enough that it should be super satisfying.