Three Recommendations for Level 50 PvE Soul Shield in Blade and Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Apr/16/16 23:20:33 Views: 1308

Soul Shields are sets of 8 fragments which serve as the main source of attributes to a character. Additional attributes can be gained from Soul Shields when equipping multiple fragments of a same set. These bonus attributes are gained when a set of 3, 5 or 8 fragments is equipped. One can gain bonus attributes from different sets in this way. Soul Shield fragments can be fused with lesser quality ones, upgrading a specific attribute on the original and sacrificing the lesser quality one.


Soul Shields, like items, range in quality from Normal to Paragon. And here I'd like to give you three recommendations for the level 50 PvE soul shield in blade and soul.




Recommendation 1:

The Scorpio Soul Shield is easy to obtain, but it requires luck. It is a little harder to play the dungeon The Awakened Necropolis. 


The PvE Soul Shield set has high health points and is a good choice for players who are relatively weak in dungeons. 




Recommendation 2:

It is a combination of Yeti Soul Shield and Scorpio Soul Shield and focuses on the health points. The Accuracy is essential. For the Humanoid monster boss, the control ability miss can be fatal. If a Destroyer's Accuracy is less than 95%, then it is likely the key control ability will miss and get the group wiped out. 




Recommendation 3:

To obtain Yeti Soul Shield, you are going to play the 6 - men Avalanche Den dungeon which is a relatively easy dungeon. The boss of Avalanche Den will drop Yeti Soul Shield. Sometimes, there will be a hidden boss after the boss is killed, and you need to kill this hidden one to get Yeti Soul Shield. In addition, you also have a chance of getting Yeti Soul Shield in the daily quest box with Avalanche Den boss. However, it requires a little bit of luck.


The Soul Shield is the main crit, and each piece has a relatively high crit property. It is also worth mentioning that the maximum value of the synthesis of this gossip is quite substantial. When it comes to PvE, the crit is the most important.