Tips about PvP in Blade and Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Apr/30/16 16:26:21 Views: 1001

I'm sure a lot of players like the idea of pvp. Today, I will share something you must know about PVP in blade and soul. 




World PVP largely works on a merit system. It belongs to a group, which is definitely the case in most cases. As a result of an awesome battle for your faction, your character is rewarded with prestige points, and you have to keep the fruit if you manage to keep it long enough to collect all the points you manage. Since you are such an inspiration for the world PVP players, remember that losing your life means losing the point. As the most valuable currency, the prestige point is valuable, only when you are in a real conversation. 


The reward system is not a different arena. While it can be argued that enter the arena battle the main purpose is to improve your martial arts fighting skills and practical incentive for those excellent execution. This award is to "Zen bean" form, after your task will be to upgrade and convenient production, among other uses.


At last, which kind of PVP you should choose is based on what you intend to accomplish. No matter which one do you choose, it is to be merited with actual rewards that can be used to beef up your skills that you can then use in other quests.