Tips to Beat Yeti in Blade and Soul

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You need to fight with bosses or other players in all MMOs. The most important thing is that you should use some proper methods. In this article, I would summarize some tips about beating Yeti in Blade and Soul, wish it could be helpful to you. And then, here we go:

Cold Suction

For cold suction when the bunch of ice circles fall down either step on them or destroy them with a bomb from killing the nearby mushroom guys. The number of circles he absorbs a bit later determines how many times he uses that aoe freeze where he slams the ground, which will wipe the party if he absorbs too many with the follow up instant kill attack. Not sure if there are any other mechanics but these are the main ones.


Hot Wave

He'll suck you and give you a passive debuff. When this happens, people need to hold hatred ran away to avoid being caught. If he managed to escape, snowman will jump to him. Once he lands, you need to stun him or he'll freeze you to death. He will be released after the hot air, which will delete your debuff . Now, if the tank can not escape and was caught, we need to turn to him in the party was thrown in there running. This is because the tank will be released in his hot air around it and you need to have your debuff deleted.


Cold Wave 

He'll suck you in, he would jump up and pound the ground. You need iframe pounds. FM ice shield is very useful here. Otherwise, you freeze and die. When icicles falling from the ceiling, to avoid the initial shock. But disable them after hitting ice ring on the ground. Otherwise, they will absorb the Yeti, and you freeze to death.


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