Unlock Random Treasure Cheat for Rewards in Blade and Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Apr/20/16 05:03:17 Views: 969

The Spring Treasure Trove event offers adventurers the ability to unlock random treasure chests, and then purchase the highly sought-after rewards within for rock-bottom prices.




Unlocked Opportunity



While the event is active you can click on the Treasure Trove icon at the bottom of your screen, and once per day per character unlock a treasure chest for free. Additional chests can be opened by purchasing and using Spring Treasure Trove Keys. When opening a chest you’ll be presented with a selection of items to purchase from with gold.


After opening a treasure chest you’ll have the opportunity to purchase one of the items presented to you. Choose wisely, as you’ll need to wait until the next day—or by using a Trove Key—to show a new selection of items, and the opportunity to purchase another item. Only two Treasure Trove item slots will be unlocked to start, but you can unlock six more by purchasing and using Spring Treasure Trove Expansions. By unlocking additional slots you’ll increase your chances at items, and since you can only buy one item per opened chest, it’s a good idea to increase your odds by unlocking additional slots early on. Unlocked Treasure Trove expansion slots are character specific.




Opened chests will provide a wide array of items to purchase from. There are many different lists of items the Trove may present you to purchase from, and it’s random which list you’ll be presented (and in what order they’ll appear) when a new chest is opened.





  • Click the Treasure Trove icon—only available to characters level 36 and above.


  • You can open a Treasure Trove chest for free once per day (resets at 6am server time) for each character.
  • Spring Treasure Trove Keys can be purchased from the Hongmoon Store, and you can use them for additional chances during the event period.


  • After unlocking a chest, you can purchase one item of your choice out of the random items in the chest.
  • Over 100 different types of items can appear, and can be purchased for gold.


  • Spring Treasure Trove Expansions can be purchased in the Hongmoon Store, and allow you to unlock up to 8 total slots, increasing your chances for rewards with each chest you open.
  • Spring Treasure Trove Keys can be bought in the Hongmoon Store, and allow you to open additional chests beyond your free unlocks each day.


The Spring Treasure Trove event runs from April 13–27, and during that time you’ll receive one free chest unlock per day. Treasure Trove Keys and Slot Expansions will be sold until April 26 (9am server time in NA/5pm server time in EU), and you’ll be able to continue to use them to open chests until the standard Wednesday maintenance downtime on April 27. After that the event will no longer be accessible, and any purchased keys or slot expansions will no longer be usable—so don’t let them go to waste!