Warlock Avoid Resetting Mobs Guide in Blade and Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Apr/10/16 09:45:36 Views: 1242

warlock-in blade-and-soul


In the beginning, I'd like to talk about my experience before starting this guide. I play with the Warlock and I would like to get the merry potter recipe from the bright stone so that I can use tears. I want solo brightstone on my warlock. I think that there is a reset bug in Blade & Soul and bear this in mind, I always reset boss. It is especially on the Warlock, I think it has something to do with the power of 2. And I only use it in the boss battle and I try to keep close to the boss, but I found they seem to spawn bosses keep resetting. I try my best to find the method to avoid resetting mobs in blade and soul. Then it maybe like this:


First, every time when you chain them using 2 or ss, you must keep close with them, and keep in mind, make sure not too close, to avoid be hit. I suggest, you can try 4 - 5m away them. Similarly, with mobs and boss. They reset, because you're too far away from them, they can not attack you, but they are rooted. Moreover, never use the second wind on your cycle kite 4 - 5m distance, to avoid be fine with chains. And SS shouldn't make them reset unless you end up really far away from the mob. Thrall to taunt shouldn't be send if he will despawn. In addition, you need not to use something with brand. There's a bug where mobs will reset if they can't use approach skills on you and you're too far to hit with anything else. In my own opinion, in fact, any ability applies brand can reset mobs with approach skills. When you are far away from an enemy, they can use a gap closer to attack you, in a word, when you are too far, they will reset. Generally, what you need to do is stay within melee range of your enemy. And then use soul shackles to prevent them turning and attack from the back. Good luck.