Ways to Reach Dungeons in Blade and Soul

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Dungeons in Blade & Soul allow players to group up for challenging instanced content. From normal questing, daily challenges, or a desire to obtain a rare element needed to improve your weapons' power, you'll regularly be sent in to defeat a dungeon's denizens. Each dungeon is categorized by their overall difficulty: Normal, Challenging, and Heroic. These three designations indicate how well prepared you and your group should be before entering.


Up to a certain time, it may indeed be that you do not need a group, but by the time, you reach dungeons, where it is clear that nothing can be achieved without any help here.




Blade & Soul has implemented a few ways to create groups and to search.In order to open a group of 6 or 4 players, you can use the dragon pillar in front of the dungeon entrance. You can open a group looking for dungeons or send a request to an existing group.


To open the menu for the group search for a dungeon, press the [F] button on a dragon column or the [F7] key if no standing nearby. Here you have not only possible to search a group for the current dungeon in which you are currently in, but also for all other dungeons in the world of Blade & Soul.


The quick menu under [F7] is helpful so you do not separate again run the actual dungeon and there through the pillar of fire events must. Thus, Blade & Soul offers the possibility a group search for a dungeon to open regardless of where you are and can then stroll on through the world. Other players, who have become aware of your requirements, can apply to you then. You will see a message window in your status toolbar.


Cross-Server Dungeon System

To find other players for 6- or 4-player dungeons, you can use the cross-server dungeon system. This can be opened with the key [F8]. The cross-server dungeon group search results in a new lobby, where your character will appear together with your group members.


You can join alone or with any number of players and there the remaining places. It specifies which dungeon you are interested (and if for 6 or 4 players), and the game then automatically searches for other players from your region that also looking and meet your criteria.


In order for the cross-server dungeon lobby works, you have to stop you there, was put together to your group. You can also use the server chat and group lookup use to continue to make players aware that you need help just for a dungeon or even looking teammates.


Tips for Dungeons

If you are in a group and run a dungeon, you play fair and do not exaggerate when pull monsters. There are always players inside that were not in the dungeon or the mechanisms do not yet know so well.


If you successfully complete a dungeon, get a dungeon quest reward from the quest Fenster. It can only take as long as you are still in the dungeon and in the group! Therefore, you do not leave immediately the group or leave the dungeon, but get yourself until the reward and give your teammates also time to do it. Should the group disband during which the quest reward is lost and you will automatically be teleported out of the dungeon (also applies if you leave the group itself)


The Distribution System in Groups

This game here is slightly different terms from the loot system. In Blade & Soul is not rolled or similar to items. Here is offered to the prey!


If you from the outset have no interest in the item, you have the option to adjust it. However, then immediately lose the opportunity again to offer. Once a bid has been proposed, the timer is reset to 30 seconds. If no counter-offer is based on the last bid within 30 seconds, the object is to go to the last highest bidder. The Gold hitherto offered is divided equally among the group members. There are players who are simply trying to drive up the price of an item only in the height.