Webzen Announced An Update For January That Marks A Milestone

bladesoulgold Date: Dec/13/17 17:12:17 Views: 1366

Recently, Webzen announced an update for January that marks a milestone for the official launch of MU Legend. This new update includes new content, we are happy about the OBT version and the initial reception of our players. MU Legend offers a lot of MMO features, including PvP duels and real mass battles between guilds. There are quests and a complex level system. In addition,  you are allowed to team up with other players and go on a monster hunt together. Are you now working on find more news? Reference from here



The update with new types of arenas will be installed on the server of the international version on December 5. The new update will allow gamers from around the world to participate in 3v3, high-speed and inter-server games. Webzen announced it was ready to release the latest PvP update for the MU Legend game. Now, Webzen is working to be able to incorporate community communication elements into the PvP system. 


MU Legend has officially reached the community of gamers around the world on November 7 and immediately became one of the most "hot" products of the time on the world. In MU Legend, there's a new PvP content arenas of 3x3 format. Unlike arenas of the 1x1 format, where players battle with AI copies of other players' characters, live players from different servers within the same region will compete in the 3x3 arenas. 


The good popularity of the game led to large queues for game worlds, which required the team to open new servers, but the success of the project also played a cruel joke - in MU Legend appeared a large number of MU Legend Zen and people engaged in the sale of zen. The developers tried to solve this problem as quickly as possible, but they also had to note that the war with dishonest players will never end.