Welcome the Coming Spring With Discount Items in Blade and Soul

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Today, players in Blade and Soul can start opening treasure chests full of coveted items. Players can log in each day to open a special treasure chests. In these special treasure chest, each one has popular but random items inside. Players only can receive one item from each chest, although there exists a handful of items inside the chest. It also need players to have the gold to purchase the item from inside the chest.




Each day, players that are level 36 or higher can log in to Blade & Soul and open one treasure chest each day as part of the Spring Treasure Trove event. Players can simply click on the treasure trove icon when in - game to open their chest. Each character can open their own chest so long as they are level 36 or higher. Once the chest is opened, players will be presented with a random selection of items. Only one item from the chest can be purchased with gold upon selection. Over 100 different items can be in these chests.


Players can enjoy this event without spending any cash on Blade & Soul by simply opening the one chest each day. However, more chests can be opened each day by spending real money on Spring Treasure Trove Keys. These keys let players open up more chests each day, and players will still the required gold for the item they wish to purchase from the opened chest. Spring Treasure Trove Keys can be individually purchased for 49 NCoin, in batches of 50 for 2,327 NCoin, or in a bundle of 100 for 4,410 NCoin.


Blade & Soul players can also purchase Spring Treasure Trove Expansion slots that let them choose from more items when opening a chest. One additional expansion costs 199 NCoin or selection of six can be purchased for 955 NCoin. These expansions are character specific, and just like the keys, they will only work during the event. Both the keys and the expansion slots can also be purchased with Hongmoon Coins, although the larger bundles of keys cannot be purchased with this currency. According to the Spring Treasure Trove event page on the Blade & Soul website, the event will end on April 27. After that time, all these keys and the expansion slots will no longer function since the chests will no longer be available.


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On the same day that the Spring Treasure Trove event kicks off, PvP enthusiasts in Blade & Soul can start participating in the game's first PvP season. Weekly rewards and seasonal rewards will be handed out to powerful players. Every Wednesday, players that participate in the season, those that maintain ratings, and those that improve their rating will receive numerous rewards. Players that take part in NCSoft community tournaments can earn even more prizes, too.


Weekly PvP rewards differ based on the rank achieved during the period: Rank 60 and better, all the way to rank one, rewards experience, an Excellent Experience Charm, and one Naryu Tablet. Those that reach rank 61 to 90 will receive one Excellent Experience Charm, and those between ranks 91 and 300 will receive three to nine Ordinary Experience Charms. Seasonal rewards include charms, Naryu Tablets, Soulstones, Moonstones, and special costumes. Players at rank 30 or better will receive a temporary costume that lasts 60 days. Ranks one, two, and three offer the best rewards, of course. Check out the full list of prizes on the official site.


Blade & Soul continues to expand just months after its release in the west. A new class is now available and new areas are available for players to visit. The martial arts MMO just updated with the "Silverfrost Mountains" expansion which increased the level cap and added many new dungeons. As The Inquisitr reported, this expansion increased the level cap to 50, introduced more Hongmoon levels, and even continued the main story of players' characters. Eight new dungeons, a new capital city, and much more await players in the mountains. In time, players should expect even more areas to explore, dungeons to master, and other content in Blade & Soul.