What's the Best Solo Class in Blade And Soul?

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There are 7 classes in Blade & Soul, namely Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Assassin, Summoner and Sword Master with each class has its own features. Among them, some classes are good at PvP but weak at raiding alone while some classes are on the contrary. Then you might ask what's the best solo class in Blade & Soul? Today we are going to take a look at that topic.


First of all, Blade Master maybe the class that most players will choose and undoubtedly, Blade Master's solo ability is strong with Sword Gust, Blood Gust as well as AOE skills. However, personally I think it is only powerful when you are skilled. For those players who are pretty new to Blade & Soul, I don't recommend Blade Master because it is not that easy to use Block Counter well.


Secondly, let's take a look at Kung-Fu Master. He can deal high damage to boss and also have Block skills but he is weak at AOE and not friendly to newbies.


Now how about Force Master? Well, he looks domineering and normally plays "tank" in general MMOs but it is not the same case in Blade & Soul, mainly because he doesn't have Block skills. Besides, he is not good at dealing with boss. Damaged caused is too low when soloing in the boss fight. Therefore, we can see the solo ability of Force Master is lusterless.


As for Destroyer, they are also weak at solo. The abilities to stay alive are scarce plus damage caused to boss is not that impressive.


Sword Master looks like an almighty class but I don't think he is a good solo class. He is ok at the early stage but when raiding alone, HP decreases too fast so if you are not skilled enough, Sword Master is not recommended too.


Alright, I believe you can dope out what are the best solo classes in Blade & Soul server. Yep, the rest of the two classes are the best in my opinion.


First, take a look at Assassin. Assassin doesn't have powerful AOE skills but he has invisibility skill which enables them to bypass other small monsters and go for the boss directly. By doing that, it can save a lot of time in soloing. So if you want to pursue speed, Assassin is the best choice but bear in mind, playing Assassin is still a bit dangerous.


Next is Summoner who has powerful solo abilities but with a relatively safe play. How powerful is Summoner's solo ability? Basically, as long as they can enter the dungeon, they can complete the dungeon alone. They have strong heal skills plus a powerful summoned cat. Besides, skilled Summoner can play tricky using cat to detour the small monsters in front of the boss and go for boss directly. So if you are a solo player and don't like to communicate with others, then Summoner is the best class for you.


My own opinion...


Top 3 Solo PvE class


#1 Summoner = Let the pet do the tanking Job, run around wearing a troll face while dishing attacks (PvE Farming Class)


#1 Kung Fu Masters = Superman mode. Enough said. (PvE Farming Class)


#2 Blade master = 4 seconds block, stun, dish out aerial combo. do the same steps. again...and again...


#3 Assassin = poof...stealth... go to the boss... kill the boss...next!


Bottom PvE Class


Force Master = Boss fights a pain in the ass.


Top 3 Solo PvP Class


#1 Lyn Blade Master = too OP. Do the same stuff again and again, boring to play. If you want a brain friendly class which can dish out other classes with dumb players then play this class.


#1 Blade master = Block, stun, aerial combo, near death? 2nd aerial combo, any hp left? repeat.


#2 Assassin = Fun PvP gameplay. Tricks, traps, combos, utility... you need to use your brain but not on the Kung Fu Master level type. Gameplay and combo animation is awesome!


#3 Force Master = freeze, phew phew phew, cc, phew phew phew...boring.


Bottom Solo PvP Class


Kung Fu Masters = KFM is a class with tons of meat and power packs on it, but it also requires tons of brain power for you to dish out your combos properly. This class is called the "Food for all class" in pvp. Any dumb player playing this class is meant to serve as a food.


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