When Blade Master Compared With Blade Dancer in Blade and Soul

bladesoulgold Date: Apr/06/16 00:00:31 Views: 1206

Many players may be confused about the difference between blade master and blade dancer in Blade & Soul. To help newbies make it clear before choosing a proper character to play and assist gamers with a better understanding about the game. I'd like to compare these two characters and summarize as follows:


1. Position

Lyn blade master is a hybrid of Force Master, Destroyer, and Blade Master, a combination of attack and crowd control. It is not good at tanking or effective at solo while Blade Master is in the Top 3. BMs can tank solo on boss easily with their blocking skill.


LBM is easier to play in most respects due to an overall simpler skill tree, BM will be much stronger than LBM by a mastered player.


On a group PVE, BM = Tank/DPS, LBM = Support/sub DPS.


blade-dancer-race blade-master-race


2. Race

Blade dancers are all cute Lyn dwarves, also called Lyn blade master; while blade master can be played with the Jin and the Yun. For people who like smart characters, LBM is a better choice.


3. Battle Stance

BM has 3 stances: basic stance, draw stance and summons soulblades.


LBM: basic stance and draw stance.


blade-dancer-skills-features blade-master-skills-features  


4. Skill Features

Compared with LBM, BM have a unique block ability which blocks or deflects almost all frontal attacks. BMs are also skilled in sustained DPS.


LBMs have special phantom grip skill and their block depends on 0.5 sec or 400% defense tab. They are good at burst damage but has a low DPS, which means they can only use a set of combo in PVP. After that, you win or lose. LBM are heavily depend on lightning draw. However, their lightning draw has a longer CD than BM and they do a far lower damage than BM during CD. But their lighting draw and quick draw "LB" attacks do a lot more damage than BM.


5.Draw stance switch

Though LBM and BM has draw skill, BM can switch to draw stance through lightning draw, blindside , ss and divine retribution, LBM only has lightning draw.


To let players have a deeper understanding of this two classes, I collect following information.


Blade Master



Extremely powerful defense thanks to block and evade spam

High overall damage output

Damage output can be very stable

Can protect party members from ranged attacks

Strong chi management while tanking



No party buffs

Can only block frontal attacks

Lots of damage comes from stationary lightning AOE, which can be avoided


Blade Dancer



Exceptional chi management post - rework

Very high sustained damage output

Extremely fast, rapid - fire attacks

Very high AOE damage

Strong crowd control; only class besides Destroyer that can hold a target down for 6s

Relatively easy - to - use



Spin parry and blade draw deflect have the tightest possible timing (0.5s)

Can be extremely vulnerable without available chi; prone to downtime

Long CDs on many key abilities

Force Choke not as strong as destroyers' Seize / Suppress

No party buffs outside of Force Choke