Why is Blade & Soul so Alt-unfriendly?

bladesoulgold Date: Feb/24/16 16:43:27 Views: 1065

I've been playing for a month now and I'm just lvl 4 HM on my main with fear of falling behind the "endgame" bns gold sink for when labyrinth comes out. Since the only way to make bank on this game is to farm for expensive materials or drops, play the market for the limited auctions per day you got and do dailies, I just see no reason to play on a lower lvl character, specially since they gotta start from almost 0. Sure, my main can mail them breakthrough stuff to cut through some farming sections but it's still hella tedious and the inventory space reset is pretty annoying too. Every week I learn of more alt unfriendly features, check this out:


*Premium wardrobe is character-bound with no way to transfer between characters

*You have to unlock extra inventory and vault slots individually on every character(something unique to NA/EU I'm told)

*These is no shared account vault unlike other MMOs

*Daily dash is account-wide, not per character so you have to be careful with who claims what

*Cross server restricts many interactions with friends and the dead servers seem to be piling up now that the initial release craze is fading

*Unlike in some MMOs, there's no exp boost for your NG+ when you have a max lvl character and roll another, the closest thing is the premium EXP boost but it goes away when your subscription ends and it's a paywall anyway

*Hell, achievements and titles are also character specific so you need to redo some of he crazier ones if you want a specific title or small stat boost


I don't understand. I bought 5 additional slots thinking I could have fun playing all classes but it seems I'll need to memorize a leveling guide to a certain point and then PvP farm EXP with non optimal builds to 45. That's another big issue here; PvP was half-hearted for some reason. Like, all this unfriendliness would at least spare PvP players if it wasn't for the terrible skill point system in PvP. NCSoft standardized stats, made gear not affect pvp and then dropped the ball by not giving people all available skill points right off the bat. If they wanted to make people at least play the PvE side of the game but then why not make it so all account characters inherited the skill points from the highest lvl character? But no, let's punish everyone who wants to make multiple characters by handicapping them at PvP if they roll more chars. Bloody ridiculous.


I realize leveling will be easier once Act 4 hits but some of the aforementioned stuff doesn't seem like it will improve drastically. In fact, NCSoft said in the AMA that they'd make an item for transferring items between characters...Yeah cool, I bet that's gonna be a cash store 1 time cash grab or insanely rare drop 50+ bns gold item for sure.