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Blade and Soul: How to Do PVP for Some Classes

Some players may don't know how to do pvp matchups for some classes, so here are tips for some classes, like KFM, BD, SF and so on.

Blade and Soul: Winter Festivities are Kicking off

Blade and Soul is kicking off winter festival. There will be several activities here, including Frozen Firing Range, Holiday Gift Bundle, Merchant of Wonders, Hongmoon Store Holiday Costumes and 12 Days of Wonder.

Blade and Soul: Ruins of Khanda Vihar to be Added

Blade & Soul introduces a new quest story line and other additions. According to the official website, Ruins of Khanda Vihar is set for release on December 7, 2016.

Blade and Soul Guide: Earn Additional Experience in Shattered Empire

Blade & Soul update 2.1 - Shattered Empire was released on April 26, adding two new floors for Mushin's Tower plus two dungeons (Sogun's Lament and Cold Storage) and a 6v6 PvP mode called Whirlwind Valley.

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