Blade & Soul Gold Acquisition And Premium

bladesoulgold Date: Nov/23/15 03:01:14 Views: 1179

Alright, I have been lurking for a while around here and I did a search but came up mostly empty. So I just have to ask...


Why isn't there any uproar about the nerf to currency acquisition when compared to the Eastern "live" versions of BnS?


I was so thrilled with CBT1 I went and made an account for the TW version of the game. From what I can tell the 4 live versions of the game are about the same when it comes to quest and drop currency gains. The difference between a pure quested level 12 character on TW vs NA/EU is huge (6.7s @12 vs 1.4s @12). The cost of stuff is roughly the same from what I can tell (save for windstriding which is more expensive on NA from what I can see).


When you toss in the fact that Premium increases bns gold gain and reduces a lot of the major currency sinks in the game, the game seems a lot more Pay2Win or at the very least "Subscribe to Survive".


With the lack of Need/Greed looting and it being 100% auction for dungeon drops this only increases the P2W conceit. I know there has to be some sort of offset to limit inflation, but to me in its current form, the Premium system just makes me cringe at the accessibility of the game as in the F2P marketplace long-term. As someone who loves the game's aesthetics and combat, I am looking for a reason to spend my hard earned cash on a master pack. But for 120$ i really want a game that is going to last me 6 months, not one that is going to have a dead community in 3.


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