Tips To Be A Qualified Summoner in Blade and Soul

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Is it simple to be a summoner? "Yes", you may answer without any hesitate. And then, is it simple to be a qualified summoner? It may take a few seconds to think about a proper response.


Well, it's true that you can be a summoner easily, especially compared with other classes in operational aspect. You can press the skill bar when it is lightening, but you need to judge what exact time to use what skills. Even you cannot escape from long distance attacks of BOSS due to pollen explosion. You may not survive next time though you are alive this moment. Then you should learn how to be a qualified summoner like these:


Why operate a summoner is simple?

Most people only know it is simple to operate summoner, but no one thinks about the reasons.


Then as a qualified summoner, you should learn how to control the cat, the precondition of controlling cat is that you will distract because you need to pay attention to the lovely cat. So the distraction bases on the simple operation, think about it, if you press here and there when fighting, and make skills connection, do you have enough energy to distract?


It is insufficient to pay attention to the cat in the team and also you need to focus on your teammates. So as a qualified summoner, you should learn how to control yourself in the battle and focus on the cat and teammates. The precondition is simple operation.


Teamwork spirit

As a qualified summoner, it is necessary to have teamwork spirit and also learn to judge when to supply seed shroud to your teammate, you cannot supply the seed shroud as soon as you see your teammate is being attacked, so seed shroud supply is nothing but several ways below:


1. When teammate is about to suffer deadly attack.


2. When teammate is about to be attacked during releasing magic.


3. When teammate is about to be attacked during the status of falling down.


4. Your teammate will suffer debuff with great influence.


You need to learn judgment during the combat and judge whether the teammate can solve the difficulties by himself.


The judgment of Seed Shroud

The judgment between teammate and you is different, you still suffer attack of puncture effect when you hold up the Seed Shroud, but the judgment of Seed Shroud for teammate is: whether the teammate changes into invisibility after resisting injury once and being debuff, that is to say, the teammate can resist attack once as long as being injury and debuff since he has Seed Shroud protection on the body.


The red circle cannot be represented as superior

The red circle means you have suffered output influence, and you should control the BOSS position which cannot make BOSS run about, also you need to control the attack direction of the BOSS and prevent the BOSS to attack the lower HP and keep the BOSS away from the teammate who has fallen down, even more don't lead the BOSS to the teammate who is releasing magic.


When you see the teammate who is releasing magic, give F help to your teammate if you are near to him, and even if your attack power is the highest, you cannot surpass all the teammates' full course output within 20 seconds.


The usage of Q skill cat depends on the actual situation: if you make faulty operation for Q cat is only for preventing harm, but don't forget you have E skill too.


All in all, if you want to be a qualified blade and soul summoner, the above introductions should be the first choice.


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